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My Heritage


Best Spiritual Healer in India

Yogiraj Shri Godar Shah
(18th Century)

My journey unfolds within a family deeply rooted in faith healing, shamanic traditions, and a commitment to service. My great grandfather, Yogiraj Shri Godar Shah ji, was renowned for his magical and powerful healing abilities, leaving a lasting impact from Lahore to Hathras and various parts of India. My grand uncle, Shri Mahant Kundan Lal ji, shared stories of his extraordinary power, as recounted by my father, late Shri Roshan Lal Sharma. Their lives were characterized by a profound sense of the sacred and a search for meaning in the universe.

Guided by this rich ancestral legacy, I have embarked on a journey to become a mental wellness coach and a clinical hypnotherapist. In my practice, I employ various modalities such as NLP-K, clinical hypnotherapy, and expressive arts therapy. These modalities allow me to focus on the mental blocks of my clients, guiding them to understand themselves first before turning to blame or complaint. Through this approach, I facilitate a transformative journey, helping individuals unravel and address the core issues that hinder their mental well-being.

My commitment to this path extends beyond individual sessions. I have authored books on the subject, contributing to the literature surrounding mental wellness and therapeutic practices. Additionally, I have conducted various workshops, sharing insights and practical tools with a broader audience. Research work on different platforms has been a cornerstone of my dedication, ensuring that my approach remains informed, innovative, and aligned with evolving understandings of mental well-being. This commitment underscores my holistic approach to supporting individuals in their quest for balance, understanding, and transformative healing.


Best Spiritual Healer in India

Mahant Shri Kundan Lal
(19th Century)

Best Spiritual Healer in India
Spiritual Healer India

About Me

What I was, My Early life

"I Believe that the greatest gift you can give to your family and the world is a healthy you.”

I was born in New Delhi and spent my childhood in Ambala and Noida. My ancestors are from Lahore and Hathras. I attended different schools during my upbringing, each with a different philosophy on education, and in some of them, I felt completely out of place.

(Father) Late Shri Roshan Lal Sharma, (Mother) Shrimati Kusum Sharma->


Dr. Khetan holds certifications in a variety of therapeutic modalities, including sound therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, expressive arts therapy, tai chi, psychosociology, and more. Additionally, she is an internationally certified Heal Your Life Coach in the USA.

Spiritual Healer India

" Transformation from a corporate professional to spirituality ”

I have been in the practice of Energy Healing for more than 15 years. Being a Textile Designer I changed my path to my spiritual journey as I was always intrigued with Tarot. I worked to get my doctorate in Tarot as a healing tool, and doctor of science in theraupatic expressive art. Also created my own deck of tarot cards, ShivAni’s Healing Touch Tarot Deck. My book Tarot A Healing Tool In Modern Times Is The First Coffee Table Book, has been certified by Golden book of World records for postulating tarot as a healing tool. It is about transforming life with the Vedic beej mantras. It was my dream to do research and let people use the guidance of the tarot cards every day to heal their baggage and move on. The book helps them design their life, remove baggages and create their own destiny and avoid going to occult practitioners. My Mantra of life is to keep giving back to the society to achieve and gain more and more knowledge with every passing day and to live a life of purpose and being humane. My blog is all about being in the moment and celebrating life every day.

Spiritual Healer India

My Journey


Started career in the field of mental health and wellness. Certified in Expressive Art Therapy: With Fortis Healthcare with Global Reach.


Conducts first workshop on mental health and well-being.


Introduces the concept of "Mudita" a specialized program catering to the elderly population, healing with Heal Your Life (HYL) Program.


Published her first book, "Tarot a Healing Tool in Modern Times" which was awarded with "The Golden Book", "I AM" - A Self Healing Daily Journal", Tarot: Adhunik Samay Main Ek Upchar Upkaran (Hindi Edition).


Work and achievements are recognized as we got featured in Outlook magazine.


Invited as a guest speaker at the IIM Bodh Gaya, where she shares her expertise in mental health and well-being.


Expands counseling services, having provided support to over 500 clients and counting.


Dr. Shivani Khetan empowers individuals' mental and emotional well-being through workshops and counseling.

Authors Publications

As a multifaceted professional, Dr. Shivani, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mental Wellness Coach, Heal Your Life Coach, and Speaker, enriches lives through her diverse publications.
  • FIRST COFFEE TABLE BOOK ON TAROT "Tarot: A Healing Tool in Modern Times, " awarded Golden Book award. Buy Now
  • In " Tarot: Adhunik Samay Main Ek Upchar Upkaran, " the Hindi edition Buy Now
  • " I AM" self-healing daily journal, a transformative tool encouraging emotional expression through art. Buy Now

These publications collectively reflect her commitment to guiding individuals on a journey of personal growth, confidence, and happiness.

Award and Achievement

Certificate of Sound Therapy
Transformation Together
Transformation Together
Transformation Together
International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul Course
Psych Corner
Holistic Tarot Healer India
International film & television club
Naran Back Study Center
Speakers special awards
Mental health therapist
Golden book of world record
LIT archi award
Certificate of participation
Sound Therapy Certificate Program done with Rivesh Vade
Department of mental health and behavioural
Award in appreciation of
Mental Health Cognizance Forum
international medical
Art Expressive Therapist