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Destiny Changer Healing Kit

Dr. Shivani’s healing tarot touch deck, Essential oil, candle, Chakra Stones & rosary, Art journal, incense, safe, Tibetan bowl etc to help you:

  • Feel your energy more quickly and easily
  • Shake off distracting thoughts effectively
  • Focus and stay in the moment effortlessly
  • Refill positive energy and refuel your life

Order the kit to Change Your Energy. Change And Transform your life.

To order whats-app your details at 918178953826

We measure your energy with the Three Powers – physical, heart and brain powers. They correspond to your Chakras and determine your strengths and what you need to improve to become healthier and stronger.

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Healing Touch Energy Kit
Tarot Book and Deck

Tarot Book and Deck

Tarot a Healing Tool in Modern Times is to empower others to connect to their inner wisdom from the core. If you want to take care of your mind, you need to start by taking care of your body. Research has time and time again shown that people who engage in healthy behaviors such as exercise and proper nutrition are less susceptible to the cognitive declines associated with the aging process. Tarot, everyday results in building confidence and focus to taps into a larger reservoir of creative inspiration.

Discover about yourself with ShivAni’s Healing Touch Tarot Deck.

This deck is a step to face your fears and overcome challenges with practical solutions to make surrounding of everyday happy and peaceful.

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I AM" - A Self Healing Daily Journal

The journal is an attempt to bring emotions to your brushstrokes to release and paint your feelings. As you start to scribble on this journal, you will find yourself doodling, interacting and expressing yourself throughout. It will teach you how to use art for relaxation & fun, without putting too much pressure on yourself. It's All About Connecting with your Inner
Child - "I AM" This is the beginning of anything you want and I hope this journal helps in taking small steps everyday to reach your big dreams and live your best life filled with magic, creativity and happiness.

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Healing Crystals to Have More Energy in your Life

Healing Crystals to Have More Energy in your Life

We help you to choose the right crystals for any purpose. There are a number of different types of crystals some people believe to be filled with their own healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul. They’re thought to promote the flow of good energy and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits. Even though there is no scientific support of crystals, a number of people swear by their powers. So, if you’re curious to give them a go, make sure to keep an open mind and check out what each stone can do for you. You can book appointment to know what crystal will be beneficial for your concern in the present times.

Crystals To be Customized According to the Need of Energy.

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